A Great Strategy for Expanding Your Courier and Small Package Delivery Service

I recently received a question from someone interested in my courier ebook.  He asked about where and in what ways I am continuing to grow Quick Time Courier, my own courier company.  It’s a great question so I wanted to share my response in this post. Since forming Quick Time Courier in early 2009, I… Read more »

What is the biggest challenge in deciding to start a new business?

I have been asked more times than I can count what the biggest challenge  is  in starting my own business. I suspect most people think I will share some earth shattering revelation or magical nugget of knowledge. For me, I can honestly say the biggest challenge was overcoming fear – fear of leaving a safe, secure, well-paying job of 20… Read more »

The Easiest Way to Dispatch and Save Money

In working and speaking with entrepreneurs who have studied my materials, I am often asked about what I use for a dispatching services, do I use a manual or software system, how I manage my drivers and employees, etc.  As I always share, for a countless number of years I have been using Joel Davis‘ software system, Dispatching Made… Read more »

Which is the Best Business to Start?

Knowing that I deeply entrenched in the transportation industry, owning a non-emergency medical transportation business, a courier service, and even a medical equipment rental business, one of, if not the most common question I receive is “Which of the three businesses would be best to start?”   Although a great question, there really is no right or… Read more »

My First Equipment Rental Included a Rookie Mistake!

It’s funny how we always remember our “firsts.” I remember my first wheelchair transport for my NEMT business, “The Wheelchair Taxi.”  I remember my first “official” delivery for my courier service, “Quick Time Courier.”  And I remember my first equipment rental – where I made a rookie mistake. In looking back, it’s easy to realize… Read more »