pack1How to Start a Successful Courier and Small Package Delivery Service

In my best-selling ebook I am going to reveal how to start your own courier service as quickly and economically as possible using your own vehicle. Local businesses, hospitals, facilities, airports, and services of all kind are in need of same day delivery in addition to small freight and packages. Discover how to start, position, advertise, establish your rates, and form strategic partnerships to build a successful courier service.

Price: $47.00

med-ebook2How to Start a Successful Medical Equipment Rental Business

Discover how to start an equipment rental business to create a new source of revenue or expand and compliment an existing business. In this Ebook i reveal key strategies for finding and refurbishing equipment, determining which equipment is most profitable, managing inventory, establishing rates and building clientele. To help you expedite your success, I share many of my successes in addition to some mistakes that cost him money – mistakes that you are going to be able to avoid.

Price: $42.00

moving-ebook-finalHow to Build a Local Moving Company with 69.1% Profit Margin!

Starting with a rented truck and working only on weekends, Dexter shares how he diversified his transportation company into a local moving service that, in 8 months and no prior experience, generated almost $71,000 in revenue and $49,000 in profit. You too are going to learn how to start with a rental truck, several niche markets in need of your service, how to structure your rates, collect your money, and much more.

Price: $27.00

m1Bundle Pack! Purchase all 3 Ebooks for only $89

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