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The Easiest Way to Dispatch and Save Money 0

In working and speaking with entrepreneurs who have studied my materials, I am often asked about what I use for a dispatching services, do I use a manual or software system, how I manage my drivers and employees, etc.  As I always share, for a countless number of years I have been using Joel Davis‘ software system, Dispatching Made Easy (DME).

DME is really the only system I have used seriously or for any length of time so it’s easy for me to be biased.  But, I can tell you that DME is very easy to use, it’s  convenient for drivers and dispatchers – especially with the mobile functionality, and definitely saves you money because it’s only $97 per month.

I first started using DME exclusively in The Wheelchair Taxi but when we launched Quick Time Courier and then the medical equipment rental business we simply integrated all of it together – using the same customer database, scheduling drivers for delivers, etc.

Some of the benefits to DME are as follows:

  • Convenient web base software
  • Mobile dispatching and instant messaging
  • Customized daily trip manifests
  • Internal Invoicing & Management
  • Various report and statics calculations
  • Fixed Monthly Membership of only $97
  • Unlimited no of users and drivers
  • Unlimited no of customers and trips
  • No startup costs or hidden fees
  • No contracts or long term commitments
  • Unlimited data % storage capacity
  • HIPAA compliant security

I obviously haven’t tried all of countless other dispatching software systems on the market, but based on the amount of money I save, the convenience for my staff, and the overall peace of mind of automation, I can’t see why anyone use a paper-trip method or another software system.  My dispatchers love and appreciate DME because it makes their jobs easier, it organizes all of our trips, generates trip manifests, allows dispatchers and drivers to IM each other, track our mileage, trip statistics, and much more.

So in the event you were planning on emailing me to ask what software system I use, now you know!  Dispatching Made Easy.